Euro Snax Incorporated Company for Foreign Trading


Combining more than a half century of experience with today's latest production technologies, our company produces all kinds of nuts, mainly sunflower seeds, roasted chickpeas and coated products with the best quality and hygiene standards. Euro Snax, which gained quality certificates such as ISO 9001and ISO 22000, offers products directly from farmers to the customers by passing them respectively through screening, cleaning, roasting and packaging processes.

Our company serves 7 regional areas and exports to more than 15 countries abroad, aims to improve its market share day by day with a solution-oriented service approach.


Our Vision

Our main aim is the principle of providing customer satisfaction without any conditions and delivering on time without sacrificing quality. With our knowledge, skills and experience, we produce high quality products and we work in a solution-oriented way, in order to carry this path, that we have taken with the principle of “trust”, to the highest level of success.


Our Mission

We have made it our mission to be an exemplary organization who creates values that suits our customers, employees and our country. We have a mission that prioritizes efficiency, high performance and social duties, creating long-term relations based on trust by establishing strong communication between the customer and the supplier who aims to offer quality.

We urge To be a community that creates values in this sector and in our country by raising the quality of our products, delivering them fastly without any compromises on the understanding of quality with the complete respect of customer rights and regulations.